Ff 61.0.1 example csvReadWithLoop fails on csvRead

After csv is filled and created by macro, the macro can’t read this csv.
[error] Number of columns is inconsistent on line 3

Any ideas?
Win7 FF 61.0.1 64bit, Kantu plugin 3.1.3

hmmm, seems after i reinstalled kantu, the test macro changed and now goes fine.
New macro has file already present, while old one did created it while macro running.
This makes a guess that it was some update issue with my kantu in FF.
I assume this task may be closed for now.
Sorry for over-alarming.

Ah, yes… this must have caused it. Thanks for the feedback.

Automatic update of demo macros (if user allows it) is on our todo list. Otherwise it can indeed happen that existing old demo macros are no longer up-to-date.