Feature suggestion search and replace in json code macro

Hi @admin

Why do not add a search and replace fields in json code macro of ui vision ?

It’s very hard to scrool all macro code and read all line and replace manually

A search and replace in macro code json will be appreciates.

Here image



Do you think it’s a good idea and that it can be introduced in the next versions?



A search and replace function in json part of ui vision is it very useful do you plan to add it?

Do you think this is not a good idea ?

Yes, I think it is a good idea. I created a ticket for it :wink:

Workaround: What I do if I need to mass-replace some code is to copy and paste the JSON source code into an app like Notepad++ , do the search and replace there, and then copy the JSON code back into the UI Vision IDE.

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Thanks admin I use notepad++ but it more fast search and replace directly in json area