FEATURE REQUEST - verifyXpathCount

Hello, is it possible to add command verifyXpathCount, like it was in Selenium IDE? It is very handy command and I beleive that I am not the first one, who is missing it.
It is very easy and simple way how to get number of nodes by xpath. In my automated tests I work with DOM and XPATH expressions. There is a way how to count elements with command sourceSearch, but I cant use the XPATH here.

So, would you be so kind and add this command or another way how to simple count number of nodes by XPATH? Or is there other solution?

Thank You very much

Best regards
Tomas Hauser

This is a good suggestion. To remain import compatible with the Selenium IDE, we will implement this as storeXpathCount. Of course, storeXpathCount can also be used to assert or verify the xpath count.

store xpath count

Gets the number of nodes that match the specified xpath (e.g. “//table” would give the number of tables).


  • The xpath expression to evaluate.
  • The name of a variable without brackets.

Thank you. Looking forward to this change.