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Hello all,

i’m trying to create a task in Scheduler to run Kantu macros at certain times of the day using Power shell,

#Launch Kantu for Chrome via command line
& “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” “file:///C:/nodetests/MondayBooking.html?direct=1”

keep getting a failed to parse error, bringBrowserToForeground does not seem work suggested by another forum member.

please could anybody advise.

This error means that something is wrong with loading the HTML file, not running it. If you can attach it to your post I can try to load it.

Or (as a test): You can use the html file from github. You can do this as a test, but also keep using this file and specify the macro that you actually want to run with the &macro=MondayBooking switch. Then the HTML page just acts as a “dummy page” for opening the browser and starting Kantu.

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works like a treat, thanks ulrich !! :grinning:


will powershell scripts run in locked mode ?? or does the PC need to be logged into for auto run to work, chrome ETC

Powershell itself has no issue running in locked mode. For Kantu, it depends on what command you use.