Fail to detect tab1 and tab 2

Hi, I’m trying a simple macro that is supposed to refresh tab 0, then jumps to tab 1 and open URL1, then jumps to tab 3 and open URL2.

The issue is when I run for first time the macro it takes about 30 seconds to jumps to tab 1 and never found tab 2.

The second time I run the macro jumps to tab 1 in a few seconds but then an error saying that cannot find tab 2. [error] Line 6: failed to find the tab with locator 'tab=2'

After that I’ve tried selecting each tab manually and then run for each tab the command “echo | ${!current_tab_number}” and the tab number was printed correctly. Why could be that is taking too much to jump to tab 1 and why cannot detect tab 2?


Do you have a test macro for us?