Facing issue with saveLog using command Line


When below Testsuite html autorun is executed from browser,


Report Information is missing in the log.txt File.But this report information is available inside UI.Vision extension in Logs sections.

Test Suite name: jsmtc
Start Time: Tue May 30 2023 14:35:23 GMT-0300 (Brasilia Standard Time)
Overall status: Error, Runtime: 16.85s
Macro run: 3
Success: 1
Failure: 2
Macro executed:
jsmtc (Error: Line 3: variable “FAILURES” is not defined, Runtime: 0.83s)
new (Error: Line 3: variable “FAILURES” is not defined, Runtime: 0.80s)
report (OK, Runtime: 14.99s)

Your support will be appreciate, Thank You.

Is the team addressing this problem?

Hi @Plankton @admin , is there any resolution for the above issue? If yes it would greatly help us for our report generation.

Hi, are you using the latest version V8.3.6?

chatgpt test automation

When I run a test this is what I get in today’s “log-20230615-141302.txt” file:

2023-06-15T12:14:12.558Z - [info] Macro failed (Runtime 34.78s)
2023-06-15T12:14:12.772Z - [report] [report]Test Suite name: misc macros
Start Time: Thu Jun 15 2023 14:13:37 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
Overall status: Error, Runtime: 35.16s
Macro run: 1
Success: 0
Failure: 1
Macro executed:chatgpt  (Error: Line 8: timeout reached when looking for element 'xpath=//form/div/div[2]/button', Runtime: 34.92s)

The “testsuite” option is deprecated. Instead please use the “&folder=ABC” option.

See create test reports