Facebook/Messenger and OCRExtractRelative

I am learning and spent hours testing on a Facebook messenger window in the Chrome browser working with the OCRExtractRelative and then Echo command and was not able to return any results but there are no errors. I tried the Record function also, and I had less success. When I test the same combination of OCRExtractRelative and then Echo command on a basic website, it worked as expected. Does Ui Vision RPA not work on Facebook in the Messenger Window?

Create a macro can be a logn process to study, sometimes you need to use more external tools to solve the creation of automation.

You must study the best xpath to automate fb messanger-

Thank you for the response! I believe you are telling me that I need to study how to use some external tools to automate within Facebook Messenger and learn about xpath outside of UI Vision RPA. Is that correct?

I can go study outside tools but I want to take the most efficient path. If anyone has places to direct me for other relevant external tools or knowledge required to make UI Vision RPA work in FB Messenger, please let me know.

My primary use is to copy certain basic information from FB Marketplace posting responses (eg. emails, names, posting title, etc.) and paste them into other programs open in the browser (eg. a contact list). Please let me know.

Before realizing an automation you must have the project in mind in a precise way, often this design phase can take days or weeks of study. I tell you that facebook is difficult to automate because it uses a lot of dynamic xpaths that change so you will have to study a lot.

In the past I have made various macros for facebook and they have required me many days of work, despite using ui vision for 2 years I have struggled a lot to create macros for facebook to detect all the dynamic elements that change continuously.

I don’t use desktop automation with images because only 25 commands are provided for free users, so I create macros with standard selenium commands that have no limits and do not require you to purchase the business plan.

I think your project is complex because you talk about many different things to do, everything is a project and takes a long, long time. It took me several days to create a macro that publishes posts automatically but after a long time it works well on unlimited pages and publishes posts automatically but I have studied a lot to make it happen.