Extract txt from PDF local file

Hi there.
I know there are videos and instructions but I’m a bit confused by now.
I need to extract data from several PDF files at a time (which is not an image but I guess it doesn’t matter), to use on other automated tasks.
The PDF is a local file.
I have tried to open it in browser through “open” command and filepath but although it opens the file, I get an error afterwards: " * Line 3: Error #210: ‘open’ failed. No page load event detected after 10s (!TIMEOUT_WAIT). Error details: heart beat error thrown"
How can I extract text from local pdf files?
Do I have to use desktop automation, open the app, open the file… etc?

Thank you in advance.

Hmm, if all you need is to scrape text from PDF files, I suggest that you use the OCR API directly, e. g. with Powershell or cURL.

There is no need for using the RPA software in this case!

The all purpose is to automate a bulk payment task for which we need to use partial data from several pdf files from time to time (aside from other clicks and whistles - that’s ok to solve) - that’s why I’m using RPA software.
I’m not familiar with Powershell nor cURL but I will check it.