Extract automobile manufacturers name from wikipedia

I have to crawl the automobile manufacturers name from wikipedia

Here is my json code
ChoDoiXe-Automobile-Firm-list.json (3.9 KB)

If I do not use if function in line 9, the task can not crawl the second name such as Koller of Argentina

If I use if function in line 9, the task can not crawl anything

Please give me the best code

Thank you very much!!! :heart: :heart:

Can you post a macro that we can run for testing?

Where is the issue? storeXpathCount?

Yes, I posted the running macro

My issues are if function in line 9, storexpathcount function in line 8

Post url page and add image to text to extract i can solve your problem

You can do it with my attachment macro script

I have looked at the page and I think this work takes a lot of time and numerous different parts of macros as the data is not sorted but is organized in a messy way in different columns (sometimes a column other times 4 columns, other times 3 columns, it takes a long time to write a good macro code.

Help me please !!!

i tried with xpath but elements were not found
so only few titles were saved.

use DOM


save till Vinaxuki

I am so sorry all !!! The previous macro hasn’t “xpath=” in code line 17 and 26

Here is the running macro

ChoDoiXe-Automobile-Firm-list.json (4.1 KB)

I tried on my own with xpath
and it wasnt 100% successful

did you tried DOM/

Can you explain clearly

i tried xpath=//li

then i tried to extract all
it stopped in between

So, can you write the new macro to crawl them for me.

“Command”: “executeScript”,
“Target”: “var x=document.getElementsByTagName(‘li’); \n\nvar d=”";\nfor (var a=1;a<x.length;a++)\n{\nd+= x[a].textContent + “\n”;\nif (x[a].textContent ==“Vinaxuki”) break;\n}\nreturn d;",
“Value”: “data”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “store”,
“Target”: “${data}”,
“Value”: “!csvline”,
“Description”: “”
“Command”: “csvSave”,
“Target”: “Automobiles”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”

now you can modify to save one at a time

I have tried your logic but elements were not found

you need 2 loops
loop 1 will start with value 4
second loop will start with 1
it will be nested loop

it stopped in between as it cant find the element

Can you export it to json.

I paste your code to my ui macro, it can not running

I have attached the code.
Auto.json (600 Bytes)

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