Extension not working at all, any advice?

Hello! I’m running into a problem that I haven’t seen before. My extension is completely not working. I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading but the problem is still happening. I’m sure this can be fixed but I just don’t know what else to try… any advice?

I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 btw

Here’s a clip of what’s happening: https://www.loom.com/share/671b225f9ff54f038268db30ee9b8cc7

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried disabling other extensions to see if there is a conflict?

Thanks for the comment. I just tried deleting all of the extensions and programs I’ve downloaded in the last month and redownloading UIVision and it’s running into the same problem, unfortunately.

Odd, have you tried the hard drive storage mode?

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Use ui vision on browser portable only.

If you have problem trash the folder of browser and recreate it and you have a working browser, install ui vision and solve.

Sometimes addons can be damaged from conflict with other addons.

I use browser portable only for this reason, portable browser do not use shared files in hard disk, for every problem you can delete it and recreate to have new fresh browser.

It has also happened to me numerous times that ui vision no longer worked but now I do not waste any more time, I erase the folder with the portable browser and the new recreate, I reinstall ui vision and everything works wonders.

Instead with browsers installed if you have damaged/currupted an internal component you risk that even uninstalling and reinstalling the problem remains.

Thanks, that worked! I even changed it back to local storage and that works again too somehow.