Export editor RPA table view in a txt/csv file


It seems not possible for now, but for me it will be great to export the editor table view in a txt/csv file to be open with a notepad or excel. The json view is great for copy/paste code or save it. But to check code or debug a code of a hundred lines it’s more complicated.



So you would like to have a button to view the source code in an external editor?

Is this for the macro source code or the CSV file?


Thanks for your reply.

I am talking about the macro code :

A way to export/print this list (tab view) for easy code reading (one line per command), and to have an overview of the whole macro (easier to debug). (May be it exists but I didn’t find the way from now :thinking:).

The only way I see now is to print the json which is not (for me) convenient to read (you have five lines for one instruction). Or to make several screenshots to paste them into a word :smile:

So may be if it is possible to export the table view the way we read it in the documentation (store | blabla | var and one line per instruction) or with “,” instead of the “|” to open it like a csv inside a spreadsheet or save the table view as it is in a pdf.


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