Expected VS Acutal Not Matching Error

I am facing issue with Expected VS Actual value. I am not able to add space in assert value even though I added a space (E.G.: Under Value I entered - TEST SHEET ). What is the character to represent a space so the Expected VS Actual match. Can some one please guide?

[error] Line 49 (Sub: TEST): value not matched, expected: “TEST SHEET”, Actual: " TEST SHEET " At Line 5 in Data

Thank you very much for your time and help.

Hi, can you please provide a test macro to clarify the question?

Thanks for your reply Plankton. PFA screenshot of the macro.

Good afternoon Plankton, The screenshot that I provided above is sufficient?

Good Morning, Can anyone please help or give me an idea on how to fix the issue? Thanks.

Good Morning Plankton,

Thanks for your reply earlier. I have attached a screenshot of the macro. Can you please help me with this issue? Is using * a correct way to solve this issue? What does an asterisk (*) represent?


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Happy Friday Plankton,

Any update or guidance on the issue.

Thank you!

Hi, do you have a test macro I can run? From the screenshot alone I am not sure what goes wrong.

Good Evening Plankton,

Thanks for your reply. I no longer have the macro. I will try to create one and then request your help.