Executing a Macro does not show the current macro step anymore in Macro window

Hi, this is not a super big thing and the new version 9.1.2 is much more stable than the older one.

I noticed running a macro with many lines does not show anymore the executed macro step, once that macro line is below the macro window where you would have to scroll down to see the macro command line.

With other words, it is not possible to watch the live macro execution if you have macros with more than 10 lines or so (depending your window size). So when a macro get stuck, I can’t see anymore what macro line that is, unless I scroll down.

Can that be fixed?

Please try the latest V9.1.3 - and if you still see the issue, can you please post a video of it?

I tested it and for me it works ok (table scrolls up during macro run). But maybe there is a still a bug left…the table view part was completely rewritten.


I don’t have any recoding software but here is a screen shot. I put a wait in line 18.
The trick is call this script with a “run” command from another script :wink:

Then you will see it.

Yes! Thanks for this hint. We will fix this ASAP.