executeScripts executes twice (7.0.9) (Chrome)


It seems that executeScripts executes twice in 7.0.9 version.

How to reproduce?
Create a simple macro with only one command:

executeScript console.log(‘asd’)

Run and check console in Chrome.

The new version will show 2 results, while the older UI.Visions will show it once.

Do you have a video of this issue for me? In my test it runs only once:

I do not have the app to record video, but here is a screenshot with the log and console:

I’ve updated it to 7.0.10 and the issue still exists.

I’ve tried disabling all other extensions but this also didn’t help.

I do not have XModules installed, maybe this is the issue?

Chrome version 64 bit 101.0.4951.54.

Edit2. On other laptop the console.log shows 3 results.
Edit3. On my laptop somehow I got 3 results also. Trying to figure out why sometimes it is 2 and 3, but never 1. I got 3 results when I had many tabs opened but can’t reproduce the 3 results again.

Edit4. I’ve installed beta 7.0.11 and it seems like it is working the same way as in your video - 1 result and few “Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy…” errors.

The only way to produce 2 console.log results after installing 7.0.11 is by opening a completly new tab and running 7.0.10 there.

If you run 7.0.11 on X tab and then run 7.0.10 on the same tab - the console log will show 1 result for both cases.

If you run 7.0.10 on X tab and then run 7.0.11 on the same tab - the console log will show 2 results for both cases.

To reset this behaviour you need to open a completly new tab.