ExecuteScript - Regex returns quotation marks

I need to store a string and then apply some regex.
In this case, I store the complete string and afterwards I want to capture the text that precedes the first “-” and create a new variable.
The only “strange” thing is that it is adding quotation marks in the result ("Lisboa), where the original string doesn’t have it

Executing:  | storeText | id=labUnOrganica | Judge | 
Executing:  | echo | ${Judge} |  | 
Lisboa - Juízo Local Cível - Juiz 00
Executing:  | executeScript_Sandbox | var myRe = /^.*?(?=\ -)/;
var myArray = myRe.exec('${Judge}'); return myArray | Town | 
Executing:  | echo | ${Town} |  | 

The variable “Judge” has the string, for example: Lisboa - Juízo Local Cível - Juiz 00.
Is this a regex thing? Because I’ve tested it on https://regex101.com/ and it doesn’t return the quotation marks.
Can anyone give me a hand?
Thank you in advance.