Execute all macros by API without the folder as test suite feature?

From a user: Is there a command that can execute all macros saved in Local using API without folder or test suite?

The folders as testsuite feature is a very convenient way to run all RPA macros inside a certain folder.

But if you need more control you can achieve the same with any scripting language and the API:

  1. Get the list of files from the folder. For example in Powershell, this can be done with be

    $fileDirectory = “C:\test\folder1”
    foreach($file in Get-ChildItem $fileDirectory ){


  2. Then, inside the above foreach loop, make your macro calls as shown here: https://github.com/A9T9/RPA/tree/master/command-line

This link has RPA code examples for Node.js, Powershell, Python, VBS and Windows batch files.

is it true ? tell me pls

is it true ? tell me pls

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