Errors with XClickRelative

I have used several days ago XClick and XClickRelative and when I selected the target images, all were automatically created with suffix _120.png and targets were found correctly. Now if I use XClickRelative and select the target images, are automatically created with suffix _108.png and I get error when I test with Find button.

  • [error] Line 17 Image ‘bb4ave_dpi_108.png’ (conf. = 0.6) not found`

I’ve tried changing conf. level to 0.4 and 0.5 and doesn´t work either. I’m using it in Chrome on Windows 10 at 100% browser resolution and 1920x1080 screen resolution.

Thanks for your support

So now “FIND” fails even when you create the images fresh?

Yes, the find test fails. And the issue is more with XClickRelative

I’ve tried to create the images with select button in Firefox and it creates with suffix “120.png”

Hi, are you using Firefox or Chrome?

I’m using Chrome. I’ve tried in Firefox only to compare.