Error xclick, xtype, xmove

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Good day. Kantu displays an error when working on the dedikal server.
Failed to XType ‘123123’
Error when I am not on the server. When I am connected to the server,
there is no error.

Real user simulation commands need an unlocked desktop, otherwise there is no mouse cursor or keyboard that it can control.

For the solution see How-to: Windows Task Scheduler, Automate RPA tasks

I don’t need to close them. I need to minimize them. The decision on the link is incorrect. Are there any other solutions? thank

We use the solution in the link ourself. So instead of minimizing, I recommend to disconnect.

Or: Instead of RDP, connect to the server e. g. with Teamviewer or AnyDesk (both tools are free to use). Then you can minimize or even disconnect without any problems.