Error while getting Image Captcha

Dear Team,
I hope you are well. I personally use your amazing platform to OCR many images to text. And I took many advantages and saved a lot of time by using your platform. Ok now Iam trying to OCR ‘Image Captcha’ to solve captcha automatically. And this Image Captcha is of ‘SolveMedia’ platform. And you may search on google about ‘solve media Image Captcha’. Ok Iam trying to solve this Image Captcha through your OCR.SPACE API Key with PHP CURL Language. And Iam using your free API. Ok If I explain your shortly that I want to put ‘URL’ of image captcha to your API to get image and start OCR to solve it. But in my case the URL of Image Captcha is dynamic and secure. Means that suppose this is fresh URL of Image Captcha

And when you will open this URL you will see image. And when you will open this URL more than one time means second time if you will open this URL this will be expired. And you will see ‘media-error’ transparent image means image will removed. Then we have to get new fresh URL. But skip it by getting new fresh URL. I just want to clear that when I add my fresh Image Captcha URL in your ‘url’ API Key then in response your Plaform returns response of text ‘media-error’. Because this URL opened more than one time for that reason it expired and instead of captcha image this expired URL image is ‘media-error’ text image. So I want to tell you that please how can I avoid by your software that check this URL more than one time while OCR process? Please reply me soon thanks.

The URL does not work… it just says “media error”.