Error when using engine 5

when I use the API to parse a file in amazon s3( I pass the URL of the file), if I use engine 2 I get the parsed data in the response but if I switch to engine
5 for the same file I get the error: Unable to process the file. Please
check if the file has sufficient permissions and allows access and is
not corrupt.

now I got this error all the time when I try to use engine 5

In the free OCR API endpoint - if you use detectorientation=TRUE for PDF documents the API will return an error.

Workaround: Please use detectorientation=false for now, then it works. The other workaround, as you mentioned, is to use Engine1 or 2. Also, images are not affected, only PDF.

Of course, we will fix this issue ASAP. I will update this forum post when it is done.

The PRO endpoints are not affected (since we roll out new versions on the free endpoint first).

This PDF OCR issue is fixed now.

detectorientation=TRUE works now for engine 5, too. :+1: