Error Verifying License Key - Internet Connection Required for Activation

Hi all, this is my first post here.

I’m having some issues with verifying my license key. I’ve confirmed that I’m connected to the internet, but for some reason I’m receiving an error message telling me I need to be connected?

As you can imagine this is very confusing, I’d appreciate it if anyone could guide me!

This is on Windows 10, and I’ve already attempted completely restarting Chrome and removing any conflicting extensions.

Hi, can you try closing Chrome completely and re-trying?

Also, is this on Mac, Linux or Windows?

This is on Windows, and yes I have completely closed and reopened Chrome and removed all extensions, still no dice sadly.

Apologies for not making the OS clear, I’ll add that to my post…

Please contact us at team AT - we can then try with a different license key or maybe arrange a remote support session.