[error] until: dom ready expired!

So am having some issues with WaitForPageToLoad command, I set target and it takes 2-4 minutes to load, before it loads the macro stops and I get this error code :

Executing: | waitForPageToLoad | link=Go back to main | |
until: dom ready expired!

Hi, can you please post a (small) test macro where you get this error?

First hint: Make sure that page does really trigger a page load. Using waitForPageToLoad when the browser page is actually not loading (= just doing some in-page updates) could cause this issue. But with a test case, we should be able to clarify this quickly.

Sure, Am using it on a rapidleech server, when I launch the operation the page actually keeps loading, So I use waitForPageToLoad till the uploading finishs (it takes 2-4 mins)

Can you post a test case macro here?