Error installing XModules (Mac)

I downloaded the installation files and executed the 3 of them but it still says that they’re not installed.

Files executed:

  1. kantu-cv-host
  2. kantu-file-access-host
  3. kantu-xy-host

Terminal: installation 1

Terminal: installation 2

Terminal: installation 3

What’s wrong with the installation?

Hi, did you see the installation hints for macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina?

I authorized the notarization but it still says that the modules aren’t installed.

With the Catalina update (10.15) macOS got a new security feature called notarization. Now you need to explicitly allow the XModules to control the mouse and keyboard of your system.

I run the DemoXClick macro but it fails and indicates:

[error] Error #301: RealUser Simulation XModule is not installed yet Install now

Issue was fixed

  1. I deleted the extension
  2. I deleted cache, etc.
  3. I re-started the computer
  4. I followed the instructions from this video
  5. Issue fixed
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