[error] in parsing Codes.json:


in parsing Codes.json: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined

Hi, in order to help you, we need a test macro.

I am having the same problem, can i give you the json file i am using?

Yes, please attach the macro the post, or send it to team AT ui.vision

hello admin , im having the same problem… is there any way to fix it?


@se3333 I can not download the macro from this link. Please attach the macro the post, or send it to team AT ui.vision

Hi how it’s possibile your macro code have 3.71 MB of space ?

It’s very strange that the code in a macro takes up so much, usually the macro code is a few kb.

because is a script that uses generic random codes, and this one has like 9999, but idk when i try to run it on kantu it gives me that error, it started after the new updates, because it was working before

Your code is not normal

Please post here the code.

Usually a code macro is max 50 kb.

Your code probably contains not normal selenium code.

I have the same error, but i can’t attach the json because it’s in json format and it’s not authorized

I uploaded the code to a hastebin because it’s 15k lines


ok, i found the error
it was the last two clips at the end of the code that was empty.