Error in last versions, some web stucks

Hello, i have noticed macros working perfect in previous versions stopped working on the most recent ones.

The problem is when you need to log in on the web, in the last working version 5.7.5 the macro just make the login without problem, but all versions after that the page becomes unresponsive and stop loading and you cant login, more to tell, it doesnt login neither in manual mode, no macro running you try to manually login and fails, but when i deinstall rpa it works again, its like webs detect rpa plugin or the plugin is causing conflict, i dont know if the webs can check what plugins you have installed.

Also, i tried to download 5.7.5 as is the version it works but when i try to get it from the archive it download the 5.7.6, can you make 5.7.5 available again?

Do you use ui vision for firefox ?

I have a similar problem with a site that styck ui vision read here

I hope a fix of this bug

Yes I use ui vision for firefox and it happens the same to me.

And as i said it happens just by have installed the plugin, not only when you run some macro, if you have rpa installed and try to login in the web by hand, it doesnt work you then unistall ui vision and everything is working again, lasts versions interfere someway into normal browser use.

Can you add screncast wuth the bug please ?

Sorry i cant, but it’s the same error in the video.