[error][ignored] Line 31: ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 4000 for cmd "PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB"

why appear following error:

  • [error][ignored]

Line 31: ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 4000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3426924761376,“payload”:{“command”:“RUN_COMMAND”,“args”:{“command”:{“cmd”:“type”,“target”:“id=description”,“value”:“descripcion del artículo”,“description”:“”,“extra”:{“playHighlightElements”:true,“playScrollElementsIntoView”:true,“timeoutPageLoad”:60,“timeoutElement”:4,“timeoutDownload”:60,“timeoutDownloadStart”:10,“lastCommandOk”:true,“errorIgnore”:false,“waitForVisible”:false,“retryInfo”:{“retryCount”:0}}}}}}

with following command:

type id=descripcion ${!COL3}

I am uploading products from .csv to a website, sometimes it does not give the error and with other rows it does give the error. It seems that if I enter the text without taking it from the csv column it doesn’t cause problems

thank you in advance

Do you have a test macro for us? Or maybe at least a screen video of the macro running? Without it, it is very difficult to guess what goes wrong.