[error][ignored] Failed to XClick viewport coordiates at [823, 290]

When I use window task scheduler to trigger Macro with script “XClick”, it will throw
[error][ignored] Failed to XClick viewport coordiates at [823, 290] .

The error does not occur when I login window and trigger the macro.

Do you have “Run only when the user is logged on” selected?

no , i run no matter user login or not

I use vm for ui automation, i dont know why window keep timeout and require me to login after 15 minutes

XModules require you to be logged in and unlocked in the vm, but the vm can be in the background:
Various questions about kantu

Just to clarify: The VM needs to remain unlocked, but the main machine (VM host) can be locked.

Why do you use Xclick, this is the last command to use because have more disadvantages compared to standard selenium commands (xmodules required installed, requires focus on the screen so you can not work with multiple windows together, for free user is limited to 25 commands per macro/testsuite, it is slower than standard selenium commands, if you use a dark screen it may not work properly, it is not compatible with other automation software such as katalon recorder).

A good macro can be do with all standard selenium command.