Error Handling (timeouts are wrecking me)

Very new to playing with this so please forgive my ignorance. I am using the UI.Vision RPA extension for Firefox. For a fun use case, I’m trying to build a bot which continually attempts to join a web game where the other team is under a certain level threshold. It opens an instance of the game, checks what level the team is, then either joins the game or bails back out and starts over again.

The biggest issue that I’m having is the speed at which it needs to work because the games fill up quickly. In the settings, I’ve set the commands to execute Fast and I have the TIMEOUT_WAIT set to about 1.8s-2s which is about what I need. I’ve also disabled browser images and styles as clearly that makes the page data load quicker.

After pretty much every instruction, I’ve tried to use error handling like:

** “Command”: “gotoIf_v2”,**
** “Target”: “${!statusOk} == false”,**
** “Value”: “RESTART”,**
** “Description”: “”**

I thought this would check whether or not the previous instruction succeeded or not and if not, send the program back to the RESTART label up top to where it just kicks off again. This way I don’t have to worry about random timeouts and having to restart the program over and over again and it will just continually keep going until it finds it’s way through.

That generally seems to work or perhaps seems to work for some commands but not others. The program will still run for 5-45 seconds and then eventually hit one of these timeouts and quit despite trying to force it back to the RESTART label. It’s driving me bonkers and I can’t figure out if I’m just using the command wrong or if there’s a different command I should be using for such?

I’ve uploaded an example below where a click command on line 7 times out. On line 8 I have what I thought was a fail safe line using ${!statusOk} == false to send the program back to RESTART but instead it just kills the program and stops running completely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - very cool software!

Add store | true | !errorignore to your macro.