[error] Cannot read property 'vars' of undefined

Hi I am trying to run a playback on Kantu and on one command I am trying to AssertCheck for a checkbox I am getting the following error
[error] Cannot read property ‘vars’ of undefined

here is my command
“Command”: “assertChecked”,
“Target”: “//div[@id=‘ctl11_ctlEditor_ctlGeneral_chkDoAllowEPayment’]/nobr”,
“Value”: “on”

This could be a bug, but when I test the command alone it works. => can you please post a complete macro that we can use to test debug this issue? If you do not want to post the complete macro in a public forum, you can also send it to us directly and mention this forum post.

I have sent a larger code but mainly this is the code I am using for assertChecked