Error block member when looking for element in page

Hi there,

I just started recently Kantu, as an alternative to iMacro.
I use it to perform chain commands for professional use, on internal tools with a firefox interface.
For some reason or an other, the firefox version dispatched on my computer is 52.0 ESR.

For now, I try a very simple command :
open a new tab and go to a website,
fill in a textarea,
and click the submit button.

When running the macro, I do not see any text in the form textarea, and I get the following error message:
[error] ‘block’ member of ScrollIntoViewOptions ‘center’ is not a valid value for enumeration ScrollLogicalPosition.

The DemoFrames gives the same error message, when trying to run the 6th step.

From a little search on the web, this might be due to my firefox version. However, I cannot change it, and cannot use an other browser neither.

Do any of you know a workaround, maybe something that can help me select the frame without requiring this ScrollIntoView to operate ?

Thanks for your most appreciated help,

Best regards,


Yeah, I think so, too. It seems a certain extension API is not available in Firefox 52 yet (which is no surprise, since the extension API in Firefox is new, with lots of updates in the last 12 months).

Thanks a lot for the confirmation.

So no workaround on this one? a pity…
My IT contact told me they were planning to release the FF60 within a few… months. Guess I’ll have to wait!

Thanks again.