Error: "A listener indicated an asynchronous response by returning true"

Hi, I have a macro that’s supposed to run continuously, I’ve already fixed the Error #101 thanks to this forum but when I woke up this morning I saw a new error:

“A listener indicated an asynchronous response by returning true, but the message channel closed before a response was received”

The !errorignore didn’t work on this one, the loop continued and didn’t work each time. I had to restart the macro in order for it to work. There are also no other extensions installed on the browser.

Any idea what I can do? Did anyone ever encounter this?

This error is new to me. Is there any way you can provide a test macro to recreate it? Or maybe a video of the situation?

I’ve already restarted the marco so I have a no screenshot, I can post my macro here but it was running smoothly for at least 10 hours so it would be really hard to recreate.

Happened again this morning, I didn’t manage to catch a video of it but here’s what I noticed: would not perform anymore commands on the browser, when I stopped the macro and started it again it wouldn’t run the first command which was “execute script | return 1 | count”

Restarting the browser did the trick.

Does anyone know why this would happen? My macro would only work once I restarted the browser.

Is there anyway to make a timeout error so that if a command takes too long to execute I could restart the browser and the macro?