Error #101 not connected to browser

New user to UI but I have been using Selenium IDE for a couple of users. I am planning to move fully to UI and have about 100 scripts I run for the purposes of data injection into websites. However, I am running into issues with the browser not being connected. This is a major issue and I cannot find a full answer.

Does anyone know how to fully prevent this. When I use Selenium it opens a complete browser (not just a tab) and I have never had this issue.

Can someone please assist with getting a full and complete answer available on the forum. I need to be able to resolve this issue before I move up to the full package. I cannot believe that people use this commercially with this issue.

Thanks. I really want to solve this as I really like the features on UI.


Hi Marc, we have two strategies to resolve this:

  • We will add a OpenBrowser command. If you use this instead of OPEN, then UIvision will behave just like Selenium IDE. This way this issue can no longer happen by design.
  • But many users do not want to open a new browser (as Selenium IDE does) and run all scripts in the same tab. Thus we also will debug this issue further and resolve it for the “tab opening” as well. It is some kind of communication issue between extension and browser.

The tricky challenge is that it happens “only” sometimes, which makes it tricky to debug.
=> If you or anyone else have test cases where the problem always happen, please tell us! This would be very helpful resolving this.

Workaround: Run the rpa software from the command line. This gives you full control and you can recover from this issue, when it happens.

Awesome. I will try this. If this works then I will happily report back - we will run from 50 to 300 scripts a day for various purposes so if there is a bug we can easily report back. I will update you.
If you don’t mind me saying - I could not find the OpenBrowser suggestion elsewhere. It might be worth having something on your manual to make it easier to get around.
Thank you though.

Hi - so I am clear - when you say ‘We will add a OpenBrowser command.’ is this something you will deploy via an update?

Yes! This command is not yet available.