Equivalent of Zapier's Lookup Spreadsheet Row

I would like to know what the equivalent of Zapier’s Lookup Spreadsheet Row function in UI.Vision? I am trying to lookup values from one Google Sheet to a row in another Google Sheet. Do you have any suggestions on how I can do that?

You must use csvread command not Google Sheet


Thank you for your reply. However, the problem is that the data is in Google Sheets and it will be extra work if I download the file in CSV format everytime there is a new data in that Google Sheet. Do you have other suggestions on how to do this?

It’s very hard and sconvenient to use Google Sheets with ui vision I suggest to create a script to download csv from Google Sheets or convert the data and move it in datasources folder of ui vision to use in ui vision like csv (not Google Sheets direct).

To create this macro you need an expert coder, need time and need money and more solution to try because this is desktop automation (not web automation) the hard part to automate.

As @newuserkantu said, automating Google Sheets directly is complex, and better avoid it. I have two ideas, one easy and one more complex:

  • Easy: Instead of using Google Spreadsheet, can you use a CSV file that you store in Google Drive? This way Google Drive keeps the local CSV (= read by UIvision) and the one in drive in sync! (Dropbox etc would work the same) [This is something I used in the past. I used Google Drive to sync CSV data between many machines]

  • Very advanced: If you know programming, you could also access the Google sheet data with a Python script, and then call this Python script with the Uivision XRUN command.

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