Enterprise-Grade Security : clarification on local storage of data

Below some interesting questions from an RPA Enterprise user. We re-post them here because this could be interesting for our RPA users as well:


Our organization has been in touch with your company and is developing a security need assessment for a possible deployment of your software.

In this context, we are aware that the data are locally stored and we would like to define in further detail where locally. This will allow us to draft the according diagram required for the security need assessment.

Is this something you can further assist with, by sharing a link, a brief explanation and / or an according diagram?Thank you in advance for your assistance.


We have an information page about data storage here:


Note that with hard-drive mode enabled, the macros itself are simply stored on the hard-drive. So the above information is “only” for the Ui.Vision settings.

Also, you can directly inspect the Ui.Vision RPA open-source code on Github.

Question 2:

Dear UI.Vision Team

Following the email below, one of our conterparts came up with some
additional questions about the local storage, where you might assist,
as I have not found some information on

  • how are the data on the local storage deleted (manually / automatically)?
  • if manually, what does the end-user need to do to proceed with the deletion?
  • if automatically, at which stage of the activities run by RPA are the data deleted?

Is this something you can further assist with, by sharing a link, a brief explanation and / or an according diagram?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


You can delete ALL data by uninstalling the browser extension (and then reinstalling it, if needed).


Hello UI.Vision-Team

Thanks for your feedback, which has been discussed internally.

I will share with you some use case of ours to provide some context. Let’s say we run Ui.Vision for data entry, based on a excel spreadsheet, onto some of our internal systems, and this for some days.
What happens with the temporary copy of the data once the activity of UI.Vision is complete?

Is the temporary copy still available (memory cache of UI.Vision? Temp file? Etc?)? If so, how and where exactly?

If temporary copy of data available, will it be deleted by uninstalling the browser extension (see your email below)?

Or will it be deleted automatically, while keeping the browser extension installed? If so, how?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and explanation.


The only information that Ui.Vision stores long time are the settings/options selected (= everything in the Ui.Vision settings dialog).

Data, e. g. data read from a CSV file, is stored in memory only at macro runtime. So once the macro (that does the data entry) is stopped, the data is deleted from memory.

All data/variables used by macros are not stored anywhere. This data is only in memory at macro runtime, and then deleted.

Technically that is the same as if you would use e. g. Powershell or Python to do the data entry. Once the script is stopped, the data is gone from memory.