Enter multiple commands in a CSV cell

Hi forum friends, I have a problem that I cannot find the solution by myself.
I have to create a csv file to fill in the forms that are all different, I have no problems with kantu in loading the csv file, but to fill the checkbox I would like to insert the “click” commands in a single cell of the csv. is it possible?
i’m okay to put a value per cell, but the csv becomes complex to fill in.
thanks everyone for the help.


Every element have multiple xpath, you need to use a different xpath and you can detect correct checkbox with Item n

Use another addons to see multiple xpath and good xpath, ui vision can not detect all xpath

thanks for your kind reply, now i understand what i need to do

If you post the url page i found for you a custom xpath

Thank you so much for your help, but it’s a customer page and I can only access it with your credentials when I’m at work. however I only manually entered that part and thanks to kantu and your support the work was much lighter :slight_smile:

Download addon to find alternative xpath and choice a best xpath

Search in google store of firefox site

I use 4 different addons and can find excellent xpath not recording from ui vision.

Hi, thanks for your kind reply and sorry for my delay in replying, i will try to find the best addon as you suggested me