Enabled side panel causes issue running macros from browser bookmarks

When I tried Kantu with enabled side panel I noticed wired bahviour of the my kantu scripts if I run them form the browser book marks.

In my particular case the script seems to press a button on a web site several times when side panel is enabled and script is executed from browser book mark. It suppose to press it only once. If I run the script directly from the side panel it works as expected, pressing the button in the the website only once. It probably does a some other wired things I don’t see right now because my script at this point after putting my website in an unexpected stage.

It feels to me the kantu script runs with several instance at the same time.

Not high priority for me, but prevents me from using Kantu in the side panel, which would be neat :slight_smile:

Thank you.

This issue was fixed in V9.1.3 :slight_smile: