Embedded kantu macros on a sharepoint online page?

Hi @all

is there a tutorial, how to upload/running embedded kantu macros to a webpage? And is it possible to upload/running embedded kantu macros on a sharepoint online page? Because sharepoint does not allow html directly, as far as I know. Has someone experiences about it?

Thanks for your support in advance.

KInd regards Marco

It is a while since I last used Sharepoint, but I think you can embedd Javascript there, or? See here: https://davidlozzi.com/2015/11/10/embedding-your-javascript-into-a-sharepoint-page/

If so, then all you need to do is the copy and paste the Javascript code from this demo page https://a9t9.com/kantu/demo/runweb to your website.

Here is some more info about the anotomy of the Javascript that you need to embed. As @ulrich said, you can copy it from https://a9t9.com/kantu/demo/runweb and only need to replace the macro name and the macro JSON code. You get the JSON code of your macro either from the source code tab or from any exported macro.

Another run mode flag you might want to use is closeKantu: false, => It keeps the Kantu UI open after the macro is completed. It is used for example here.