Element appears after 'timeout' - test fails - cannot continue

I have a button identified either by CSS, xpath or id. When using the ‘click’ command with target set as either xpath or id the timeout occurs and fails. When using the ‘clickat’ command with CSS the timeout occurs, test stops (fails) then the button activates and the menu appears. However I am unable to continue the test as it has failed on timeout.

I have tried waitforelementpresent (https://ui.vision/docs/selenium-ide/waitforelementpresent) but this does not work.

Anyone know of a way around this?

Do you have a test web page?

Workaround: Use XClick (image) or XClick (ocr=text) instead

Hi Ulrich,
I have a predicament with the xmodules installation (see my other post that you replied to).