Echo colors aren't persisting once log is exported

I have a color key for which echos mean what (ex. blue = variable, green = info for user, red = alert) within the UI.Vision log. I find its helpful when I’m building out a new script to quickly scan for info. However, when I export those logs using ‘localStorageExport’, the echos are the same color as the rest of the text. I’ve tried a few different programs including TextEdit, Chrome, and Word (I haven’t tried anything like Sublime or VS yet).

Is there anything that I need to do to the log first or is there a program that will show the logs with the echo colors included?


Hi, we export the log as simple text file, so the colors are gone. But this is an interesting idea. We could add a HTML log file maybe in the future. => I am moving this post to “Feature requests” :slight_smile:

Thanks! It would be a big help in sharing log files with the non-developer types I work with.