Echo and Variables

If I have a macro with multipel "Command|target|variable ", but want to edit the macro to not use one of variables. I change the command to echo.

However, when I run the macro, The macro throws an error, saying the variable is not supported. For example,

Macro version 1.0 : CSV has 2 columns

store | ${!COL1} | jobs
store | ${!COL2} | names

Macro version 2.0 CSV has 1 column

store | ${!COL1} | jobs
echo | ${!COL2} | names

Internal variable “!COL2” not supported

I thought echo would ignore/ not read the second command?

Echo still parses the output string for variables. This is by design, so you can print out the values of variables.

If you want to comment out certain lines, you can use the comment command:


Thank you! That makes sense