eBay Login Different User?

I have 3 eBay user accounts and need a macro to automate the login process for each. So I can just click a bookmark for “LOGIN USER1”, “LOGIN USER2”, etc

Testing my macro by stepping through line-by-line seems to work fine. But letting it run full speed does not.

The problem is that even though the macro enters a new user name during the login process…when it clicks ‘continue’ to go to the next page (password entry)…eBay still remembers the previous user name that was logged in (even though the first thing my macro does is logout the current user)

Since it seemed to work stepping through line-by-line, I thought it was some sort of timing issue so I added a pause right after I enter the user name. But that’s not it.

Anybody ever write a macro to automate the eBay login procedure? Specifically - for multiple accounts (my current macro works great if all I want to do is login as the same user account over and over)