Easier Scripts: Save all form fields values to variables

In writing scripts, it can be assign the values of numerous form fields to variables. Is there a way to simply loop through all the form fields within a web form and save each field value to a variable named after the field’s id attribute? (Assuming of course, that each field has a unique id attribute)

Something like this:

Command: ForEach,
Target: field,
Value: Form

Command: storeAttribute
Target: xpath=(//[@data-label=“Variable Name”])@value
Value: lower(substitute(“Variable Name”," “,”_"))

Command: End

This is just a simple example that isn’t coded properly but you can see how this would going through lots form fields to assign variables for latter use in the script.

Can this be done?

I think your feature is not available but if you find a simple xpath (generic) you can use the number to detect all fields.

You must find an anternative xpath very generic to choice it with number and using loop you seletc all field.

What is this ?
Value: lower(substitute(“Variable Name”," “,”_"))

In store value attribute you must add the var name not command