Dynamic IDs selecting a OR b

Hi there,

I need the macros to choose one between only two IDs, must be exactly those two; nothing else.


Thus it must select:

id=gwt-uid-45 OR id=gwt-uid-17

I have tried the [contains … ] thing but that has not worked for me :frowning:

Thanks in advance:

If you want to click (or type) element A or B (whatever is on the page), then you can wrap your commands with Store true !errorignore:

store | true | !errorignore
type | id=gwt-uid-45 | hello!
type | id=gwt-uid-47 | hello!
store | false | !errorignore

What happens here is that if Kantu tries both type commands, and if one or both fails it simply ignores that and moves on.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

This works exactly like I needed it! ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: