Dropdown "clears" selection

I have a dropdown from where I choose the option I want.
I’ve tested it recording the value I want or by adding “index=5”.
It does choose correctly but when I try to add values to other fields, it clears up.
I’ve also tested it by clicking outside the dropdown after or on other fields. It only clears when I add values to others.
Can anyone give me a hand on this?
Thanks in advance

This is the HTML

<div class="form-group row"><label for="category_id" class="col-sm-3 col-form-label text-right">Category</label><div class="col-sm-9"><div class="has-danger"><select name="category_id" class="form-control"><option value="">-- Choose --</option><option value="8">Fee for submission / court fee</option><option value="9">Translation</option><option value="10">External lawyer fee taken</option><option value="11">Collection costs</option><option value="12">Cost related to cases lost</option><option value="13">Paid out to US</option><option value="14">Postage / Stamps</option><option value="15">Other cost</option></select><div class="form-control-feedback">Category cannot be empty</div></div></div></div>

What does this mean?

It means exactly that… the form has multiple fields, one is the dropdown. If i use the automation to choose the option i want it appears ok but if then i write anything inside any other field, the dropdown clears like i have not chosen an option. If i do this with the mouse, without automation, works fine.

Post a url please otherwise it’s impossible to know the solution

As i said, i cant post an url because its private. Thats why i’ve posted the html and if you know better where should i look, i can post it.

I said what i’ve tried, is there any other possible way?

It’s impossible to help you without see the page to automate.

I never see a webpage not automatable where it’s hard to find a solution with xclick and xtype and image recognition you solve always (need time but a solution will find always).

I automate some site very hard like play youtube or html5 or use firefox addon (desktop automation).

Your is a case to dynamic select you must use these commands


In some case you can simulate (xtype) down and enter of keyboard to detect correct selection.

Since you can not post a link, a screencast of the issue would help a lot to clarify it.

I have tried Xclick with “enter” but haven’t tried the “down” key, that’s a good idea.
I will get back to you after I test it.

Thnak you for your help but Xtype with “down” and “enter” did the trick

Xclick with “down” and “enter” did the trick. Thank you.
That’s what I was looking for: an idea/method for me to test it

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Thanks for sharing,excelent write