Double-Click, Normal-Click - not working

Hi admin,

I’ve been trying to do a simple task using SeeShell, but it looks like some scripts are not working, such as the Double-Clicking (e.g. on Chrome), even the Normal-Clicking on a link in a page - nothing happens, thus I have to click the buttons on the mouse myself to load the page or to run the program (e.g. Chrome). The recording of the scripts works fine, the script itself just doesn’t do anything.

SeeShell Automation, v3.2.0
Windows 10 64-bit
HP Envy

Can you please help?

Thank you.

As a test, can you uncheck “Show user movements during replay”? And do the clicks work then (better)?


Thank you, but it still didn’t work. Anyways, I now use a different computer still with Windows 10 64-bit and SeeShell works fine. I’m not sure what the problem was. Could it be the touchscreen capabilities on that pc?