Domain move: From to UI.Vision

We are moving domains :truck:.

The Kantu tool’s new name is UI.Vision. And since most information on was about Kantu, we redirect all traffic to our new domain UI.Vision.

It will take us some time and a few update cycles to rename Kantu to UI.Vision in all places. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we plan to rename the software first to Kantu UI.Vision and then, some time later, drop the “Kantu” prefix and just call it UI.Vision.

The important part for you is: The software and its Open-Source license will not change. This is purely a name change to better express what Kantu UI.Vision is all about: Visual web automation, visual desktop automation plus a modern open-source Selenium IDE++.

a9t9 (the company), a9t9 (the team), a9t9 (our Github account), a9t9 (the Twitter account), a9t9’s OCR API service, the on-premise OCR software and last but not least our email (team AT are here to stay with no changes :slight_smile:

nice to know the change.

while your team mentioned “a9t9 is numeronym that stands for Automation Technology.” in, i’d like to know, what’s the “Kantu” stand for? though you mentioned it’s going to drop it later, but just for reference and better understand where it’s come from from time to time.


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