DOM not found after selecting from browser

I’ve to work with some fields in a browser, but they sometimes change in volume, position or info, so I can’t see how to workaround with XClick, and that’s why I want to work with Click and xpath.
My problem is that the macros can’t find the DOM in this page even after I just selected the field or copied the full xpath from the brower inspector. I’m using Chrome.
I’m attaching the webpage (7.9 KB) . The fields that I want to work with xpath are the ones under the Buscar button.

I’d appreciate the help :slightly_frowning_face:
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Hi, can you please test again with the Firefox or Edge version?

The UIvison for Chrome version is only V5.5.7 at the moment, but FX/Edge are V5.7.5 and I think this issue should be fixed meanwhile.

I just tried with Edge and it’s the same problem. DOM not found even after selecting it. :cry:

I think the workaround will be open in a new tab :thinking:. At least I tried that and it did found the DOM.
Thank you, anyway.