Does it possible to create a folder destination?

Hello to all,

Is there a way to create a folder in local machine with Kantu IDE commands?

For example create Kantu in My documents like this

\My documents\ Kantu

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum and nice question.

What would be the goal of this? (I ask, because depending on the goal, maybe there is a workaround)

Hi Ulrich and Angalfaria,

I want to open each item within a list in a webpage.
When I click over each item’s link a new page is opened.
This new page for each item has one link that goes to a new page of attachment files. Then I want to download all these files for each item in different folders.

Currently I’m able to “Right Click” and “Save as” each document but when I do “Save as” the folder that always appears in dialogue box is the last folder I selected manually. So the goal is to create a folder for each item to save their attachments in the corresponding folder.

Thanks again