Documentation question on store and !statusok

Software: OCRPRO

Reference documentation:
Find: “!statusOK”

Says, “…you can use store | true | !StatusOK to manually reset it.”

I would suppose this would work only because a string is understood by
UI Vision RPA as well as by Javascript to be boolean equivalent to true.

But would it be more correct to use:

executeScript_Sandbox | return true | !StatusOK ?

And I am guessing that if I wanted to simulate the error path in my
script I would have to use

executeScript_Sandbox | return false | !StatusOK

because if I use

store | false | !StatusOK

then “false” would be stored in !StatusOK. “false” would be understood
as true, the opposite of the intent of setting to false.

Am I correct in my thinking?

Yes, it’s how you writed

Read there that confirm your post

We have the same issue with !errorignore here:

With !errorignore, we got an answer that the variables !ERRORIGNORE, !STATUSOK, and !WAITFORVISIBLE are treated different from all other variables.

So, even though we test-use store to see “true” and “false” stored in the variable, when it comes to doing a boolean compare, the answer says that the strings are converted to boolean. So, I suppose this can sometimes make it easier for us because we can write “incorrect” code but the code will still work correctly.

I have not checked all of this. For now, I’m just trying to understand the answer to the other post.

In V3.5.7 the conversion from string to boolean does not work for the !statusOK internal variable. But the issue is already fixed in the new V3.5.10 :slight_smile:

I checked this out, and it is precisely as you say, fixed in 3.5.10 which is available for Firefox, not Chrome.

And then I was surprised that THE REASON that I switched from Firefox seems to be no longer valid. The reason was that 3.5.10 version of UI Vision RPA did not allow me to create macros for Storage Mode = File System. But now, that seems fixed, too. I just created new macros with Storage Mode = File System in Firefox UI Vision RPA 3.5.10 and the latest FileAccess Xmodule 1.0.12.

Thank you very much.