Do I have to switch to Desktop Automation for W10 File Explorer?

I’m using Xclick to click on Change Image (a button menu option) which pops up a window where I can click Browse, which opens up W10 File Explorer to navigate through the directory structure to find the image file.

Do I have to switch to XDesktopAutomation True, to make UIVision work in File Explorer window?

Do I still use XClick to search for the image of the file (File Explorer is in tile mode) and then double primary-click it to select and go back to the browse window?

And then use XDesktopAutomation False to switch UIVision back to browser mode?

(I did try to find something already posted for this or a video, but formulating the words to get the right results is something else.)

Short answer: Yes :slight_smile: - it should work exactly as you described

You can use desktop automation mode to automate Windows 10 file explorer. Alternatively, maybe just using sending shortcuts with XTYPE is enough, in this case no XCLICK is required.